We can customize according to your demands. 

If you have customized designs, or you want to put private labels on our existing models, please feel free to contact us.

Quality Guarantee!

Payment: T/T, Western Union,cash. (30% of deposit and full payment before delivery)

For each order, we will do our best to delivery it as fast as we can. We ensure prompt delivery high quality and reasonable price!

100% Quality Check!

We check our products one by one before we pack and ship to make sure they are all what you ordered, to make sure the quantity and in good condition.

Production process:

silicone products custom



Product quality control, from raw material storage inspection to process inspection, product testing, strict control of quality standards, control!




Has four CNC machines, with carved, laser carving machine Taiwan, professional development of UV transfer die, silicone plastic mold, and other molding die!




Industry foundation, construction has a long history, engaged in silicone rubber products for 14 years, is a professional silicone rubber products design, production and sales as one of the Industrial Company!




3 hours fast quote for custom users with quotation engineers, 4 days to pay the same, 5 days shipping! With the fastest speed to provide you with the best service!




Has more than eight years of work experience of the designer 8, more than 10 years of quality inspectors 18, 3 years of work experience in the sales of skilled staff 12! Keep an eye on your feedback and help you solve your problem!


6.One-stop service


The company has 100,000 clean silk screen and automatic spraying workshop, all processes are completed within the factory! One-stop service, make you more assured!