In the world, 6 billion people contact or use the silicone products, all kinds of silicone products have infiltrated into our lives in various aspects. And each year we produced hundreds of millions silicone products, it covered over 10 million families. We are a full-speed silicone products manufacturer.
Fscool founded in 2003, is located in Shenzhen Tongsheng Industrial Zone China. The company integrates the development, production, sales into a whole body, specializing in the production of daily life silicone products, consumer electronics products, industrial silicone products which have been exported to over 50 countries.
Fscool is also an Internet enterprise, the company is not only a Alibaba dream center and Alibaba Shenzhen training center, but also Alibaba and Global Sources Gold Medal Supplier. Mr. Kit, general manager of the company also served as president of China Shenzhen Internet Trade Business Association (Shenzhen Network Chamber of Commerce).
silicone products factory

silicone products factory

At present Fscool has a professional R & D team. There are 8 senior designers with more than 9-years working experience and 18 senior quality inspectors with more than 6-years working experience.14-years rich and professional experience of design and production allow them to provide customers with the best design quickly. Quick and superb service is our prime goal. Our sales engineers can quote clients within 3 hours for their demands of customization. Products can be delivered within 5 days after payment.
Through 14 years of continuous development, now Fscool has built depth and extensive cooperation with Samsung, Huawei, millet, Apple and other well-known enterprises, and provides processing services to 3PM, INCIPIO, OSM and other enterprises! 
Fscool attaches great importance to product quality. We have established strict quality standards and systems on the procurement, development, manufacturing, sales and customer service. In production, our company has successively introduced the silicone automatic hydraulic press, rubber mixing machine, CNC cutting machine, CNC machining centers, EDM processing equipment, lathes, CNC milling machine, infrared tunnel oven and other large and medium-sized advanced mechanical equipments and precision testing instruments. We have a 100,000 level dust-free and automatic spraying workshop. All processes are completed in our factory. On design, the designers strive for perfection and constantly explore perfect and unique products. They develop each product attentively.
We've been focusing on one thing at a time. Quality is our core force to the world.
We have been trying to become the best in our field and contribute to leading the development of it, which also means that we have to shoulder greater responsibility. Enterprise management, we can not only care about the growth of profits, but also the social value, contribution and responsibility. We are committed to be an innovative enterprise with the highest happiness index and build a platform for employees who want to start their own business. Our mission is to help everyone who desires success realize their dream.