COVID-19: An update from fscool

  News     |      2020-05-21 14:49


Dear fscool users, partners and friends,

As a global community we must do our very best to contain and delay the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

We encourage you to respect the science. Standard food health and safety regulations are designed to contain and limit the transmission of communicable viruses like the flu and coronaviruses. As usual, only ever hand over a clean and dry fscool to your barista and keep hold of your lid. Look out for yourself and others by washing your hands often, especially before passing your fscool or any other object to another person.

We know that some of our business customers have made the decision to temporarily stop filling reusables. While we have some concerns that the work we have done to reduce waste and inspire reuse is being undone, we know this is temporary. For those in the position to do so, we ask that you take the extra steps to allow the safe use of reusables in your stores so customers can continue to minimise the amount of single-use cups ending up in landfill. Those extra steps might include dosing from one cup to another to prevent touching, or washing the reusable prior to filling - the same precautions you are taking with crockery.

If you can’t get your takeaway in a reusable, consider dine-in and enjoy your coffee in a ceramic cup.

It’s times like these where we need to respond as a community, with compassion and care, to help each other and support each other.

This pandemic will change us. Let’s make sure we take the right lessons from it – the power of community and the positive impact we can have when we all rally together to drive change.

We are witnessing how swiftly change can be enacted when individuals and government are united behind science and common good. Let’s continue to rally together to drive change in the face of all crises, from the immediate challenge of COVID-19 to the ongoing threat of global warming.

Keep yourselves safe, look out for each other, continue to reduce single-use, and take the time to enjoy your coffee or favourite beverage.

With hope and best wishes,
The fscool team