How to distinguish food grade silicone products from others

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Silica gel products are more and more common in our life, but a large part of people's understanding of silica gel products is still on the surface. Therefore, FSCOOL,the silica gel manufacturer,takes you to have a deep understanding of food grade silica gel products and ordinary silica gel products.

The raw materials of the so-called silica gel products are all silica gel, and silica gel, also known as silicate gel, is a kind of highly active adsorption material, belonging to amorphous substances, the main component is silica, with stable chemical properties. And silica gel products are divided into many types according to their attributes, such as food grade silica gel, medical grade silica gel, military grade silica gel and ordinary grade silica gel products. So how do you distinguish between food grade silicone and ordinary silicone?

To distinguish between them , the first is to understand them, food-grade silicone products use the food grade silica gel, food-grade silicone is composed of polycondensation silicate inorganic polymer gel materials, non-toxic tasteless, high transparency, chemical stability, good elasticity, soft cold resistant high temperature resistant, strong water absorption ability, to the human body without any side effects. Ordinary silica gel products used is ordinary silica gel, there is a great smell, with the increase of time will appear yellow or dark lines and other phenomena.

In this way, it is relatively easy for us to distinguish them. Food grade silica gel products are not white and have no smell or only a little light smell. The feel is soft and the burnt grey is white.

Because of the different needs of different industries, the use of silica gel products will be different, not to mention food grade silica gel must be better than ordinary silica gel, they each have their own advantages.

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